Women On Work

A “second generation” of “grand-daughters” ranging in age from fifty-five to no-longer-alive.
The relatively-unknown and some of the coming-to-be-known women who have been and are presently part of the transmission of Gurdjieff’s Teachings from then to now.

Walking in the World by Marjorie Von Harten“I saw ‘myself’ as the only thing I could work on, not the doing away with war over which we have no control in our present state.”– Marjorie Von Harten, in her book Walking in the World.


The Practice of Presence by Patty de Llosa“The primary effort in work on the body is to anchor the attention… here in the flesh.”– Patty de Llosa, in her book The Practice of Presence.


Discovering Gurdjieff by Dorothy PhillpottsDorothy Phillpotts’ book brings the objective and the subjective together.”– Peter Brook, from his Foreword to Phillpotts’ book Discovering Gurdjieff.


My Life: a Spiritual Quest by Melissa Marston Macleod“Those who search and find an answer… have an obligation to share this experience with others.”– Melissa Marston Macleod, in her book My Life: a Spiritual Quest.