Spiritual Hunger of the Modern Child


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Paperback • 225 pages

Bennett, along with Maria Montessori, A.I. Polack and others, lecture and answer questions on the nature of a child’s spirituality? Bennett makes a clear distinction between the organic, psychic, and spiritual needs of children, how these are often confused, and how parents and teachers can provide appropriate “nourishment” on each of these levels.

Mario Montessori, Director General of the International Montessori Institute, describes the process his mother, Maria Montessori went through in giving up a promising career as a medical doctor to focus on children. In particular he describes how she came to understand that small children can teach us how to love, how to help each other, how to honor our own spirituality. Dr. Montessori also tells his own stories… of once observing a 2 1/2 year old girl scratching in the dirt. Looking closer he discovered that she was smoothing the way for a crippled ant… demonstrating in his words that “… this child of 2 1/2 was already filled with this respect for life.” He also answers such questions from the audience as, “In the turmoil of the world, all kinds of influences act on the child. How are we to restore the balance?”

Five other speakers provide equally profound insights from this series of lectures.
Highly Recommended.

J.G. Bennett=Author