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Paperback • 156 pages

New Edition with Updated Foreword  in 2003 by Ken Pledge.

“This book is about Transformation, that is, the process by which a man can pass beyond the limitations of his own nature and become a ‘New Man.’ I shall assume, without attempting to produce the evidence that justifies the assumption, that we all have the urge to seek for this transformation and that it is just this urge that distinguishes man from the brutes. Many descriptions have been given in religious and non-religious terms of the changes in a man that transformation brings. I shall not start by discussing the end – if indeed there is an end, because I believe that transformation by its very nature once started is endless.”—J.G. Bennett.

“JG Bennett met and obtained help from many remarkable men: G.I. Gurdjieff, P.D. Ouspensky, the Shivapuri Baba, to name but three. At the age of seventy, when he wrote this book, Bennett had just succeeded in clarifying for himself many subtle and difficult ideas about the nature of man and the possible transformation of human nature. Having worked with the teaching of Gurdjieff over a period of fifty years, he could see just how far he himself had come along the way of this transformation and, with the special freedom and intellectual clarity that come from the completion of his major creative work, The Dramatic Universe, he surely saw more deeply than ever before. In Transformation he sets himself to see what is really important in all that he had learnt, and expresses it in a simple concrete way to have an immediate impact on others.”—Ken Pledge

J.G. Bennett=Author

Ken Pledge=Editor