Gurdjieff/de Hartmann Music by Ensemble Resonance


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CD • Total time: 46:59

Resonance is a collection of the music of Gurdjieff/de Hartmann arranged for instruments by the Ensemble Resonance.

Resonance – Track Listing – 17 pieces:

1. Vol I no 17: Kurd Shepherd Melody
2. Vol II no 36: Dervish Dance
3. Vol III no 24: 22.III.1926 (Untitled)
4. Vol I no 11: (Untitled)
5. Vol II no 19: Sayyid Chant and Dance
6. Vol I no 44: Greek Song
7. Vol I no 41: Kurd Melody
8. Vol I no 38: Afghan Melody
9. Vol IV: Bokharian Dervish, Hadji Asvatz Troov
10. Vol II no 2: For Professor Skridlov
11. Vol II no 41: Sayyid Chant and Dance
12. Vol III no 36: Hymn to Our Endless Creator
13. Vol I no 12: (Untitled)
14. Vol II no 38: Caucasian Dance
15. Vol I no 30: Long Ago in Mikhailov
16. Vol II no 15: Sayyid Chant
17. Vol III no 37: Meditation

From the CD liner notes:
“Until recently, the music of Mr. Gurdjieff has been heard mostly on the piano, and under certain definite conditions we have sensed its power of transformation.
Today in Gurdjieff groups around the world, we see more and more the value and the need of working together. The question then arises: can working on and listening to this music in various instrumental settings help us open to another influence?
The music offered here is a collaboration of six musicians from two long established Gurdjieff groups-the Rochester Folk Art Guild of Middlesex, NY, and the Gurdjieff Foundation of Paris, France. Having independently explored the same repertoire for many years, they met at the International Music Conference in San Francisco during the summer of 2000. From this exchange the project of making a recording emerged, with preparation in both Paris and Middlesex.
Since it was felt that the living atmosphere of a concert (including improvisations by birds!) would encourage a deeper listening, these pieces are drawn from two concerts given at the Rochester Folk Art Guild in July 2001. Their selection emphasizes a search for quality of attention rather than technical perfection. Many different instrumental combinations, balances, and tempos await exploration.
This recording is dedicated to Mrs. Louise March (1900 – 1987), inspired listener, guide, and teacher, and to the members of the Rochester Folk Art Guild and the Gurdjieff Foundation of Paris, who gave their support in so many ways.”

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