The Butterfly Effect (CD) by Tim Gerwing


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Bennett Books has but 2 CDs remaining of “The Butterfly Effect” by Tim Gerwing. Soon, Bennett Books will no longer be selling it; but beginning now we keep it visible in support of our friend Tim Gerwing. You can purchase this CD through his website>

CD • 12 tracks

Brian Eno meets David Sylvian meets Bruce Cockburn meets Robert Fripp meets Vangelis meets Jon Hassell.


1 the butterfly effect
2 effect01 [luminescent wing]
3 effect02 […the weight of the air…]
4 effect03 [cumulonimbus 38° 16’N 140° 52’E]
5 effect04 [little walk: biota]
6 effect05 [water]
7 effect06 [air]
8 effect07 [working with you]
9 effect08 [étude]
10 effect09 [big walk: atmosphere]
11 effect10 [nothing useless in the sidereal immensity]
12 stream of consciousness


Tim Gerwing=Author