II (Sessions 2003-2004) by Ensemble Resonance


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CD • Total time: 59:22

The second CD of Gurdjieff / de Hartmann Music by Ensemble Resonance

The internationally renowned Ensemble Resonance is continuing their exploration and arrangement of the music of Gurdjieff/de Hartmann for instruments, with concerts in the US, Canada and France, and through the production and release of their 2nd CD, Ensemble Resonance II (Sessions 2003-2004). Schadowrider Records released the Ensemble’s first CD, Resonance, in 2002.

The material for the CD was recorded during work sessions and concerts at the Rochester Folk Art Guild during the summer of 2003 and spring of 2004. The CD is available on line here at the Schadowrider website.

II (Sessions 2003-2004) – Track Listing – 21 pieces:

1. Vol III no 5: 23.X.1926 (Untitled Hymn)
2. Vol I no 46: Greek Melody
3. Vol II no 6: Persian Dervish
4. Vol I no 16: Song of the Molokans
5. Vol I no 3: Greek Song
6. Vol II no 13: 29.IX.1925 (Untitled Sayyid)
7. Vol II no 20: 1.I.1926 (Untitled Sayyid)
8. Vol II no 31: Sayyid Dance
9. Vol II no 23: Sayyid Chant and Dance
10. Vol I no 22: 29.XII.1925 (Untitled Asian Song)
11. Vol II no 29: Sayyid Chant and Dance
12. Vol II no 17: Dervish Dance
13. Vol IV no 3: Hymn of the Cherubim
14. Vol IV no 7: (Untitled Great Temple Hymn)
15. Vol III no 41: Hymn for Easter Thursday
16. Vol II no 22: Sayyid Dance
17. Vol III no 8: 6.I.1927 (Untitled Hymn)
18. Vol III no 32: 1923 (Untitled Hymn)
19. Vol I no 33: Kurd Melody from Isfahan
20. Vol III no 50: The Resurrection of Christ
21. Vol III no 47: Chant from a Holy Book

From the liner notes:
“We offer this, our second recording, in response to the encouragement received from those who were touched by our earlier recording and concerts. These compositions are a unique collaboration between George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff, a teacher who devoted his life to the possibility of an inner evolution for humankind, and the renowned Russian composer, Thomas de Hartmann.
The question raised at the very beginning of our work together still persists: “Why play this music, originally written for piano, on other instruments?” As we probed more deeply, guidance emerged. We experienced the genuine value of playing more simply, as well as a quality of listening that could take us beyond the allure of diverse instrumental colors. Mysteriously a movement began, from “six musicians playing more or less well together,” towards “being an ensemble.”
There is excitement in discovering pieces that are helped by the innate character of our different instruments, yet, at the same time, we find that it is actually ourselves who are being helped. Increasingly, there are moments when a new vibration is heard and felt, and something of the inner truth encoded in this music is revealed.
We dedicate this recording to the memory of Madame Pauline de Dampierre, and to the members of the Rochester Folk Art Guild and the Gurdjieff Foundation of Paris, who have given their support in so many ways.”
_Ensemble Resonance.

As with the Ensemble’s first CD release, Resonance, the pieces selected for inclusion on this CD were based on a search for quality of attention. They were recorded during work sessions and concerts at the Rochester Folk Art Guild during Summer 2003 and Spring 2004.

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