Gurdjieff/deHartmann Music for the Piano Volume 4: Hymns from A Great Temple


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2 CDs • approx. 1.5 hours

Laurence Rosenthal, Linda Daniel-Spitz and Charles Ketcham, piano

A major part of the musical oeuvre of Gurdjieff and de Hartmann – and from a certain point of view perhaps the most important – is comprised of the sacred hymns. It is in these works that one finds, remarkably, the most inward and, at the same time, the most nearly objective expression in all of this body of music.

The recordings correspond to sheet music volumes of the same name. These two CDs are part of a four volume series of compact discs that correspond to a four volume series of books of sheet music/manuscript music issued by Wergo and Schott Music in Mainz, Germany. The four volume series’ of CDs and books is the most comprehensive collection of recordings and manuscript music available for the Gurdjieff/de Hartmann music.

The Manuscript Music/Sheet Music book editions are edited by Linda Daniel-Spitz, Charles Ketcham, and Laurence Rosenthal.
Preface, Introduction and Notes in English, French and German. Illustrated with facsimiles of de Hartmann’s rough drafts.

10 Hymns from a Great Temple
The Great Prayer
Six fragments from “The Struggle of the Magicians”
Four Early Pieces
The Essentuki Prayer
Return from a Journey
The Initiation of the Priestess
The Bokharian Dervisch Hadji-Asvaz-Troov

Disc: 1
1. Hymn Nr. 1
2. Hymn Nr. 2
3. Hymn Nr. 3 “Hymne der Cherubim”
4. Hymn Nr. 4
5. Hymn Nr. 5
6. Hymn Nr. 6 “Hymne eines Tempels in Indien”
7. Hymn Nr. 7
8. Hymn Nr. 8
9. Hymn Nr. 9
10. Hymn Nr. 10 “Essene-Hymne”
11. The Great Prayer

Disk: 2
1. Fragment Nr. 1
2. Fragment Nr. 5
3. Moderato
4. Fragment Nr. 4
5. Allegretto, un poco pesante
6. Fragment Nr. 2: Dance g-moll
7. Allegro ma non troppo
8. Fragment Nr. 6
9. Trinity
10. Fragment Nr. 3
11. The Essentuki Prayer
12. Return from a Journey
13. The Initiation of the Priestess
14. The Bokharian Dervisch Hadji-Asvaz-Troov

Linda Daniel-Spitz=Author