JG Bennett & Elizabeth Bennett at Sherborne on December 12, 1974, the day before he died.

A Transmission of Love through JG Bennett

“Love is a force, by which all life is transformed,
and everything returns to its source.”
— JG Bennett

Along with ninety other students from around the world, I studied with John Bennett at his Sherborne Academy the last months of his life.

Mr. Bennett was a sincere and adventurous man filled with a visible love for Gurdjieff and Gurdjieff’s Teaching. That love radiated through to us as a transmission.

Following Gurdjieff’s advice to “find out for yourself,” Bennett risked and lost much: the approval of his peers, a career in politics and commerce, and personal financial assets.

Bennett researched and validated everything he received from Gurdjieff; and—while sharing with us what he had found—while digging in the Sherborne flower garden, John Bennett died on Friday, December 13, 1974, thirty-seven years ago.

James Tomarelli