The Way To Be Free


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The Way to Be Free: Talks and Conversations With Students    |    Click to see eBooks!

Trade Paperback • 160 pages

Our new edition is now available with a new foreword by Anthony Blake.

The central theme of this book is the difference between “work from the mind” and “work from the essence.” Work from the mind produces skillful prisoners of illusion, but prisoners all the same. Work from the essence is the way to be free. It is centered in the heart.

This book is compiled from conversations that took place between Bennett and his students, and includes several sections from previously unpublished notes that were to be used in a definitive work on a complete system of Gurdjieff study. It includes an essay on the “Octave of Salvation,” written in the 40s, which shows Bennett’s remarkable familiarity with the spiritual traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity and is a significant treatise in its own right. Bennett was a master of structural thinking but always remained closely in touch with the concrete detail of experience.

Compiled and edited by Anthony Blake.

J.G. Bennett=Author