Gurdjieff deHartmann Music for the Piano Volume 2: Music of Sayyids and Dervishes


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2 CDs • approx. 2 hours

Laurence Rosenthal, Linda Daniel-Spitz and Charles Ketcham, piano

The intention of the composers was clearly to evoke the spirit of the Sayyids and Dervishes, rather than to transcribe their music. As in all of the Gurdjieff/de Hartmann works, one finds here their unique blend of Eastern and Western musical idioms.

The recordings correspond to sheet music volumes of the same name. These two CDs are part of a four volume series of compact discs that correspond to a four volume series of books of sheet music/manuscript music issued by Wergo and Schott Music in Mainz, Germany. The four volume series’ of CDs and books is the most comprehensive collection of recordings and manuscript music available for the Gurdjieff/de Hartmann music.

The Manuscript Music/Sheet Music book editions are edited by Linda Daniel-Spitz, Charles Ketcham, and Laurence Rosenthal.
Preface, Introduction and Notes in English, French and German. Illustrated with facsimiles of de Hartmann’s rough drafts.

Disc: 1
1. First Series: No.1 Sayyid Chant And Dance
2. First Series: No.2 For Profesor Skridlov
3. First Series: No.3 Sayyid Chant And Dance
4. First Series: (Untitled)
5. First Series: No.5 Dervish Dance: Allegro Ma Non Troppo
6. First Series: No.6 Persian Dance
7. First Series: No.7 Dervish Chant And Dance: Andante Con Moto
8. First Series: No.8 Sayyid Chant And Dance: Rubato
9. First Series: No.9 Sayyid Chant And Dance: Lento. Poco Rubato
10. First Series: No.10 Sayyid Chant And Dance: Andantino. Molto Cantabile Ed Espressivo
11. First Series: No.11 (Untitled)
12. First Series: No.12 Sayyid Chant And Dance: Librement
13. First Series: No.13 (Untitled)
14. First Series: No.14 Dervish Dance: Andante Con Moto. Poco Marciale
15. First Series: No.15 Sayyid Chant
16. Second Series: No.16 Persian Dervish: Moderato. Poco Rubato
17. Second Series: No.17 Dervish Dance: Pesante
18. Second Series: No.18 (Untitled)
19. Second Series: No.19 Sayyid Chant And Dance: Librement
20. Second Series: No.20 (Untitled)
21. Second Series: No.21 Sayyid Dance: Allegro Ma Non Troppo
22. Second Series: No.22 Sayyid Dance: Andantino. Poco Marciale

Disc: 2
1. Second Series: No.23 Sayyid Chant And Dance: Liberamente
2. Second Series: No.24 (Untitled)
3. Second Series: No.25 Sayyid Chant And Dance: Lento Non Troppo
4. Second Series: No.26 Sayyid Dance: Allegro Con Brio
5. Second Series: No.27 Dervish Dance: Con Moto. ll Ritmo Marcato Assai
6. Second Series: No.28 Moorish Dance: Allegro Con Brio
7. Third Series: No.29 Sayyid Chant And Dance
8. Third Series: No.30 Sayyid Chant And Dance
9. Third Series: No.31 Sayyid Dance
10. Third Series: No.32 Katzapsky Song
11. Third Series: No.33 Sayyid Dance
12. Third Series: No.34 Sayyid Dance: Quasi Recitativo. Con Moto
13. Third Series: No.35 Bayaty
14. Third Series: No.36 Dervish Dance: Moderato. Pesante
15. Third Series: No.37 (Untitled)
16. Third Series: No.38 Caucasian Dance: Allegro Con Brio
17. Third Series: No.39 Kurdo-Greek Melody: Allegro Ma Non Troppo
18. Third Series: No.40 Kurdish Song: Allegro Con Moto
19. Third Series: No.41 Sayyid Chant And Dance

20. Third Series: No.42 Sayyid Chant

Linda Daniel-Spitz=Author