Audio Talks & CDs

The accumulated wisdom of J.G. Bennett’s life-long search for the meaning and significance of human existence is communicated through his talks and lectures, and the effect on the listener is powerful. John Bennett had a remarkable ability to transmit even the most complex ideas in his lectures with conciseness and clarity. His unique way of thinking was often demonstrated in exactly how he said something, as well as in what he said. There is a quality of directness and immediacy in these talks which helps the listener connect the ideas with his or her own life and work. Many themes, taken from G.I. Gurdjieff, are expanded and then further developed by Bennett. If you are not familiar with John Bennett’s written or recorded works, you will find that the Future Communities Tape Series and the Public Talks Tape Series, in particular, have much to offer in this regard.

Unless specified as CD, the below talks are no longer available on audio cassettes. For more info Contact us.