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Paperback • 96 pages • New Edition! Back in print after thirty-three years.

Our 2010 First US Edition of Existence has been updated for our present time with a new foreword essay and index by editor Anthony Blake, author of The Intelligent Enneagram.

EXISTENCE IS ALL THAT CAN BE KNOWN but it is not all that is real. In The Dramatic Universe Bennett created a framework for thinking about how the universe could exist while permitting real freedom and intelligence to make a difference. One of his major steps was to insist on the significant reality of the non-existent. Existence is as it were “riddled with holes” without which evolution, consciousness and will could not even be experienced.

Embracing physics and theology this volume explores the nature and limits of existence and how higher, unconditioned or spiritual influences can reach us through the veil of limitation.

Bennett concludes “that the conditioned world does give evidence of the unconditioned, not as a separate reality out of communication with this world but as the source of operations of a kind that cannot be accounted for within existence and would be both meaningless and impossible without hazard.”

“Bennett’s ideas belong to the new age. In one of his diaries he once wrote: ‘Great ideas are being revealed through me and I must not care what happens to them.’ Whatever our mental powers and training, which are largely just a matter of our functions, each and every one of us can come to see something of the truth expressed in these ideas.”_Anthony Blake

THIS EDITION CONTAINS NEW MATERIAL. A foreword essay by Anthony Blake; a new chapter, “The Dimensional Framework of the Natural Sciences”; an index of names and special words.

Existence is No. 2 in the series, “Studies from The Dramatic Universe”:
1. Hazard: The Risk of Realization
2. Existence
3. Creation

J.G. Bennett=Author