What For?
unpublished memoir
by Olga de Hartmann
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The author does not wish to give a title because words convey nothing. Words are words, interwoven with associations, and what they mean for one person they do not mean for another. So it is better not to deceive the reader and not hinder her from reading with an open mind.

This book has an aim: to put in print all manuscripts and personal writings which were not included in Thomas de Hartmann’s book, “Our Life with Mr. Gurdjieff.” Parts from that earlier book will be repeated here but it will not harm anyone to read it a second time!

The author wishes to print this material just as it was written, of events which happened sixty years ago, without corrections, without restrictions, without inventions, without embellishments.

The author wishes to emphasize that when she writes about her questions to Gurdjieff in the early times, it is only to have the opportunity to transmit Mr. Gurdjieff’s answers, which can be of such help and value to those who have not had the quite extraordinary fortune to pass so many years with Mr. Gurdjieff.

The author hopes that in speaking about her childhood in Russia, it will by itself give a clearer picture of Russia before the revolution.

This book begins by describing a dream and a real episode from her early childhood, because they throw light on many things which occurred later during her long life.

The Editor