Walking in the World
by Marjorie Von Harten


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Paperback dust-jacket • 208 pages • 7 pages of diagrams • original 1978 first edition •

Walking in the World, completed shortly before her death in July 1977, is Marjorie Von Harten’s memoir of her travels to centres of ancient civilizations in search of legominisms and life’s deeper secrets. The author was a seasoned traveller whose background well fitted her to assess the significance of the empires whose ruins she and her sister visited between 1955 and 1968.

As a student of G.I. Gurdjieff, studying with P.D. Ouspensky and J.G. Bennett among others, she had particular interest in tracing evidence of Gurdjieff’s theory of legominisms, the essence of which is that knowledge may be transmitted through the interpretation of certain events and places “to help the people of our time.”

Her book is the record of a search that took her to South America, India, Indonesia, the South Seas, Israel and parts of the African continent.

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