The Voyage Within
Ugo Bonessi, piano


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CD • Private Edition. Made in Italy 2002 • 20 tracks

The Voyage Within. The music of G.I. Gurdjieff and T. De Hartmann. Ugo Bonessi, piano

These digital recordings are the fruit of personal research on the part of the pianist, Ugo Bonessi, carried out over long years and in close contact with transmitters of the Gurdjieff teaching and with other musicians dedicated to the same research.

They represent a purely arbitrary selection, tracing a journey of the mind and heart through some of the great collections of Gurdjieff and DeHartmann’s music, drawn from Journey to inaccessible places, Sacred Hymns, Asian songs and rhythms.

Ugo Bonessi was born in Rome in 1961. For over a decade, he has devoted himself to the study and performing of Gurdjieff/ DeHartmann’s music. He has also performed for classes of Movements and Sacred Dances connected to Gurdjieff study groups in Europe.

On This CD:

1. Kurd Shepherd Melody (25.IX.1926) and Sayyd Dance (30.XII.1926)
2. Sayyd Chant and Dance (18.IV.1927)
3. Bayaty (7.X.1926)
4. (1.I.1926)
5. Sayyd Dance (12.II.1926)
6. Sayyd Chant and Dance (20.II.1927)
7. Orthodox Hymn from Asia Minor
8. Armenian Song (19.III.1927)
9. Dervish Dance (23.V.1926)
10. Armenian Song (6.IV.1926)
11. Katzapsky Song (8.II.1926)
12. (29.XII.1925)
13. Greek Melody (29.VI.1924)
14. n.40 from “Asian songs and rhythms”
15. Hymn for Easter Wednesday
16. Easter Hymn and Night Procession
17. Meditation
18. The Resurrection of Christ
19. Holy Affirming, Holy Denying, Holy Reconciling
20. Easter Hymn


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