The Notes of Jane Heap (cloth)


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Hand Bound Cloth • 160 pages • the second volume published by Two Rivers Press

The force with which these personal notes resonate with anyone who is working with Gurdjieff’s ideas is astonishing.

After Jane Heap’s death, Michael Briggs sent to A.L. Staveley, who had also been a member of Jane’s group in London, several boxes of Jane Heap’s notes. From these Mrs. Staveley selected the notes she felt would be most useful for her pupils, and Jane Heap/Notes was published in 1984. The book was handset and printed on an offset press. Only 100 copies were printed at that time, because it was thought that these notes would only be of interest to people in Jane Heap’s lineage.

This assumption has proven to be quite unwarranted. A few years later, Mrs. Staveley discovered that the London group had also printed a limited edition titled The Notes of Jane Heap, and soon thereafter it was agreed that this book would also be published by Two Rivers Press.

Both of these volumes have been appreciated by members of other Gurdjieff groups for the depth and intensity of Jane’s formulations, and her absolutely unique quality of insight.

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