The Moon of Hoa Binhby Cong Huyen Ton Nu Nha Trang & William L. Pensinger


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Cloth • 1704 pages • Two hardcover volumes in a slip jacket. Illustrations, color maps plus chart insert, color plates • Recommended.

by Cong Huyen Ton Nu Nha Trang & William L. Pensinger

A conceptual “hypertext” novel set in the intelligence underworld of Saigon in 1968 and at a scientific conference in Kyoto, Japan, nine years later. A murder mystery, a scientific thriller, a metaphysical treatise, a psychological diatribe.

The reader will be deeply challenged, shocked, even fundamentally changed by the many innovative ideas explored in this book.

Gurdjieffian perspectives suffuse the psychological subtext, while insights garnered from close readings of JG Bennett’s The Dramatic Universe explicitly inform the physical theory and reflections on historiography.

“Contains some of the most serious reflections on art, science, history and sex written in recent years.”_Anthony Blake, author of The Intelligent Enneagram.

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Cong Huyen Ton Nu Nha Trang & William Pensinger=Author