Systematicsby Saul Kuchinsky


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Systematics: Search for Miraculous Management

Quality Paperback • 275 pages • Introductory dialogue with J.G. Bennett

Organizations survive and grow by their ability to be competitive and creative in adapting to their changing environment. All the parts of the organization must be able to relate to each other in depth. The primitive concept of everyone doing his own thing can now be delegated to machines and robots. It is no longer appropriate or workable for people.

Teamwork is presented in this book as a matter that involves natural systems and qualities common to all existence. The presence of these Qualities is described as “Systematics” and, further, as “Quantum Qualities” that are reducible to a unique number of symbolic terms. This is the starting point for the reader’s own discovery instrument and process.

Saul Kuchinsky was founding General Manager of a high-technology corporate division for fourteen years, with a strong record of success in putting together teams which could create new products and take them from development through manufacturing to the marketplace. He describes his career as one of searching for management systems which would provide the consciousness-raising foundation for people to discover how to communicate and work together to meet the complex and unexpected situations every organization faces.

He met J. G. Bennett in 1969, and recognized that SYSTEMATICS, in applying natural systems and models common to all existence, provided a means of opening to creative solutions to the dilemmas that currently face humanity. His recent contributions to the understanding of SYSTEMATICS include the development of Quantum Qualities, a Quantum Quality Discovery Instrument, and a methodology to enhance its present stage of application.

If you are involved with conflicts of complex, high-technology organizations or those of great social concern you will find here a joyous discovery approach with the ability to transform individual and group attitudes within spontaneously-formed human organizations as the needs and opportunities of consciousness dictate.

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