Sunday Talks at Coombe Springs (CASE)


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Case • Quantity: 36 copies • Case Size: 18x12x8 inches • Case weight: 38 lbs.

Published in 2004, “Sunday Talks” is a unique collection of some of JG Bennett’s most creative thinking in 1965, when he returned to the practice of techniques he had learned from Gurdjieff and was still strongly influenced by his experiences of Subud on the preceding half-dozen years.

These Sunday workday “theme talks” cover an astonishing range of subjects from “true freedom” to the deceptively simple question of “why we have a body.” They were presented as a starting point for practical study, but they also provided, and continue to provide, inspiration for work and reflection. Each talk starts with a clear proposition that Bennett expands to a profound discourse and then, usually, brings back to a simple practical task, which his audience, and today’s reader, could use to help verify what he was saying.346 pages.

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