Reality of Being
by Jeanne de Salzmann


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The Reality of Being: The Fourth Way of Gurdjieff

320 pages • Paperback only • 6 x 9 format

Jeanne de Salzmann’s Notebooks • Translated and edited by family and friends from her notebooks.

“[This book] speaks directly to our ‘wish’ and, leaving opinion aside, it is a remarkable and helpful guide.”- a “Grandson”

Perhaps the closest pupil of the charismatic spiritual master GI Gurdjieff (1866-1949), Jeanne de Salzmann (1889-1990) selflessly, throughout her long life, lived his teachings and transmitted his work of spiritual transformation to several generations of seekers.

Now, some twenty years after de Salzmann’s death, the notebooks that she filled with her insights over a forty-year period (and intended to publish) have been translated and edited by a small group of her family and followers. The result is this long-awaited guide to Gurdjieff’s teaching, describing the routes to be traveled and the landmarks encountered along the way.

Organized according to themes, the chapters touch on all the important concepts and practices of the Work, including:

awakening from the sleep of identification with the ordinary level of being;
self-observation and self-remembering;
conscious effort and voluntary suffering;
understanding symbolic concepts like the Enneagram;
the Gurdjieff Movements, bodily exercises that provide training in Presence and the awareness of subtle energies;
the necessity of a “school,” meaning the collective practice of the teaching in a group.

Madame de Salzmann brings to the Work her own strong, direct language and personal journey in learning to live that knowledge of a higher level of being, which, she insists, “you have to see for yourself” on a level beyond theory and concept. De Salzmann consistently refused to discuss the teaching in terms of ideas, for this Fourth Way is to be experienced, not simply thought or believed.

Jeanne de Salzmann (1889-1990) was born in France and pursued a career in music, dance, and theater. She met Gurdjieff in 1919 and became a lifelong friend and pupil. Before his death in 1949, Gurdjieff directed De Salzmann to continue his work worldwide. She founded centers in New York, Paris, London, and Caracas.. Madame, as she was called with respect, was an esteemed teacher in her own right, transmitting the Work and especially the “Movements” or sacred dances.

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