Of The Life Aligned
by Frank R. Sinclair


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Of The Life Aligned: Reflections On The Teaching Of G.i. Gurdjieff And The Perennial Order

Paperback • 126 pages

Frank Sinclair, author of Without Benefit of Clergy: Some Personal Footnotes to the Gurdjieff Teaching, has written a searching sequel to his earlier account of a life devoted to the exploration of the perennial wisdom. Drawn as a young man to the Greek-Armenian esotericist G.I. Gurdjieff ideas about the Great Knowledge-“the powerful ancient stream of true knowledge of being”-Sinclair has spent half a century in this vocation. The present book recounts his ponderings on the “unfolding reality” of the perennialist vision following a near-fatal brush with the “outer darkness” and the passing of his wife of almost 50 years.
In the process, he delves into the timeless mysteries of life and death.

Frank R. Sinclair=Author