It’s Up To Ourselves: A Family Memoir & Photo Album
by Jessmin & Dushka Howarth


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It’s Up To Ourselves: A Mother, a Daughter, and Gurdjieff

Hardback • 512 pages • Over 950 illustrations • Large Format Book*

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THIS REMARKABLE mother-daughter memoir and photo album describes the authors’ unique personal relationships with G. I. Gurdjieff and other colorful personalities in every walk of life.

It’s Up To Ourselves offers intimate perspectives on Gurdjieff the man, his family, and his closest associates from his earliest days through his death in 1949 and to today’s international proliferation of “The Work.”

Presented with more than 950 photos, authentic documents, and private letters, It’s Up To Ourselves reveals insights into some special teaching methods including the spectacular “Movements,” widely translated books, extraordinary music, dinner rituals, and “Toasts to Idiots,” etc.

This 500 plus page hardcover book features an original painting by Alexandre de Salzmann based on the scenario of Gurdjieff’s ballet, “The Struggle of the Magicians.”

“WITH INNOCENCE, DISCIPLINE, INTELLIGENCE, AND UNDERSTANDING, Gurdjieff’s daughter, Dushka ‘Sophie’ Howarth fills in a major backstory in the history of Gurdjieff’s early (1920s-1930s) and later (1948-1949) transmission of his dance work through his personal encounters with those able and willing to transmit and teach his dances. Join Dushka and her mother Jessmin — two major transmitters of authentic Gurdjieff dance-work — as Dushka (she compiled and edited a lifetime of family material for this book) gently but firmly, page-by-page, pulls back the curtains of uncertainty and past historical necessity and brings to front stage center a deeper density of weave in the human fabric and creative genius of that man who once referred to himself as ‘simply a teacher of dancing’ — her father, Georgei Ivanovitch Gurdjieff.”

Jessmin & Dushka Howarth=Author