Gurdjieff’s Legacy (VCR, VHS)
by William Patrick Patterson


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VHS cassette, VHS Video, color • 86 minutes

The Life & Significance of George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff, Part III. Winner of the WorldFest 2003 Gold Special Jury Award for Outstanding Excellence.

Shot on site in Paris, Avon, Mont. St. Michel, Lascaux, London, New York, and New Haven, the documentary traces Gurdjieff’s life from his near-fatal car crash through to his giving meetings during the Nazi-occupation of Paris to his death in 1949. Examined in depth are the writing of his Legominism All and Everything and his relationships with Orage, Ouspensky and Bennett. Also included is the Rope and his final trip to the Caves of Lascaux.

William Patrick Patterson=Author