George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff
by Pamela L. Travers


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Pamphlet • 12 pages

A fascinating booklet. A brief biography of Gurdjieff.

“All scholars of Gurdjieff are familiar with the entry on the Master authored by Pamela Travers for Richard Cavendish’ encyclopedia Man, Myth & Magic (1970), and with the subsequent fascinating booklet George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff (1973).
Apart from placing Gurdjieff’s birth date in 1877 (rather than in the more probable 1866), Travers’ work still maintains the taste of a genuine Gurdjieffian experience, and is a good introduction to the Fourth Way for beginners.”_Massimo Introvigne (from Pamela Travers, Gurdjieff, and Mary Poppins, a paper read at The International Humanities Conference, Bognor Regis 1996. Pamela Travers died in the same year 1996).

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