Gaibi: The Gathering
by Murat Yagan


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Gaibi: The Gathering – The Mystical Poetry of a Sufi Master of Melamet
Translated by Murat Yagan with Diane Wilson.

Paperback • 165 pages

In 1992, a rare manuscript was delivered to the desk of Murat Yagan in Western Canada. Carried from Turkey by a retired Professor of Theology, this esoteric work was being presented to one of the only people in the world able to translate it into English, thereby making it accessible for the first time to Westerners.

Sun’ullah Gaibi was a 17th century spiritual master who belonged to the school of Melamet. The most radical of the Sufi orders, Melamet may be described as the science of establishing a direct link between the Creator and the Created. Gaibi’s Divan is remarkable for its clear expression of the essence of the relationship thus established.

Murat Yagan=Author