Enneagram Studies


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Paperback • 144 pages

Gurdjieff first introduced the enneagram to his pupils in 1916. It was presented as a universal symbol for understanding how a process in time could become organized to become an evolutionary event. Such a process is no longer “in” time but creates its own time and becomes relatively immortal as a living structure.

Compiled from conversations that took place between John Bennett and his students at the International Academy for Continuous Education in England from 1971 to 1974, and with independent contributions from some of his pupils, Enneagram Studies is a unique collection of lucid explanations and applications of this universal symbol.

From the transformation of the Biosphere to the setting up of a scientific experiment; from manufacturing to aesthetic development; from the preparation of a meal to “The Sermon on the Mount,” the enneagram is shown to be a key to understanding the very structure of intelligence itself.

This 2007 edition of Enneagram Studies has been updated for our present time with a new foreword and index by editor Anthony Blake, author of The Intelligent Enneagram.

J.G. Bennett=Author