JG Bennett’s Recorded Talks with Students and Others

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A J.G. Bennett Audio Library. The accumulated wisdom of John G. Bennett’s life-long search for the meaning and significance of human existence is communicated through his recorded public talks, talks with students, and private talks.

More than 51 talks are currently available:

Included but not limited to:

– Commentaries on Beelzebub’s Tales: Complete series of 6 talks (Holy Planet Purgatory 1-2-3-4, Two Streams of Life 1-2, Conscious Labor and Intentional Suffering)

– The Dramatic Universe Talks: Complete series of 15 talks (Notion of the Transfinite, Tetrad of Diety, God and the Creation, Tetrad of Vitality, Tetrad of Matter, Creation of Life, Questions on DU Talks)

– Future Communities Talks: Complete series of 6 talks (Sermon on the Mount, Master Idea of the New Epoch, The Ideal Society, The Future)

– Human Relationships Talks: Complete series of 3 talks (Sex 1-2-3)

– Other Talks: Complete series of 5 talks (Gurdjieff the Man, The Shivapuri Baba in Conversation with J.G. Bennett, The Meaning of HU, Cosmic Consciousness)

– Public Talks: Complete series of 3 talks (To Be or Not To Be, Making A New World, The Fourth Way)

– Study of Man Talks: Complete series of 13 talks (Energies, Function, Being and Will, Centers in Normal Man, Seven Worlds, Triads, Worlds)

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