JG Bennett’s Recorded Talks are No Longer For Sale

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A J.G. Bennett Audio Library. The accumulated wisdom of John G. Bennett’s life-long search for the meaning and significance of human existence is communicated through his recorded public talks, talks with students, and private talks.

All talks in the J.G. Bennett Audio Library are no longer for sale:

– Commentaries on Beelzebub’s Tales: Complete series of 6 talks (Holy Planet Purgatory 1-2-3-4, Two Streams of Life 1-2, Conscious Labor and Intentional Suffering)

– The Dramatic Universe Talks: Complete series of 15 talks (Notion of the Transfinite, Tetrad of Diety, God and the Creation, Tetrad of Vitality, Tetrad of Matter, Creation of Life, Questions on DU Talks)

– Future Communities Talks: Complete series of 6 talks (Sermon on the Mount, Master Idea of the New Epoch, The Ideal Society, The Future)

– Human Relationships Talks: Complete series of 3 talks (Sex 1-2-3)

– Other Talks: Complete series of 5 talks (Gurdjieff the Man, The Shivapuri Baba in Conversation with J.G. Bennett, The Meaning of HU, Cosmic Consciousness)

– Public Talks: Complete series of 3 talks (To Be or Not To Be, Making A New World, The Fourth Way)

– Study of Man Talks: Complete series of 13 talks (Energies, Function, Being and Will, Centers in Normal Man, Seven Worlds, Triads, Worlds)

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