Accomplish the Impossibleby Steffan Soule


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Paperback • 235 pages

Accomplish the Impossible: The Six Secrets of Sustainability and Transformation for Business, Art, Science & Life

Revealing Wisdom Hidden in the Enneagram

Through the power of the symbol known as the Enneagram, Steffan Soule unlocks a system for a new way of thinking that shows how to successfully master every important process. Based on the author’s thirty years as a professional magician and student of hidden knowledge, he reveals – without smoke and mirrors – a clear pathway into the nature of transformation.

Accomplish the Impossible hands readers a timeless system for bringing together critical thinking with intuitive understanding of any business or personal process. Steffan Soule’s system levels the playing field by allowing anyone to learn the laws of continuous process improvement and use them to transform any process they want.

With the Nine Term Symbol (the Enneagram) you will find:

• A clear way to harness the power of sustainability and transformation

• How to use attention and intention to gain new creativity and increase your core competencies

• Exact qualities within every process that guide efficiency, effectiveness and mastery

• How to simultaneously connect with Left and Right Brain thinking for harmonious success

• The Roles we need to play at every step of a process and the Types of people best suited for those roles

Accomplish the Impossible reveals that the enneagram is a remarkable symbol based on the mathematics of efficiency and sustainability. It has the power to show all aspects of an important process, passion or expertise. Once readers know how to look at their work using this symbol, and use it to solve one problem, they can instantly apply it to all other solutions and use it to share information across disciplines.

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