About Bennett Books

The Past

Bennett Books began in Santa Fe in 1987 when David Hirsch, of Hirsch Vineyards, concerned that Mr. Bennett’s works would disappear, offered James Tomarelli, of Bennett Books, non-interest loans to publish four of Mr. Bennett’s out of print works.

Since 1989 the publishing costs for Bennett Books’ titles have been financed by: 1) money raised by James Tomarelli, the publisher, from Gurdjieff Dance Workshops, and 2) by kind donations from a former Movements Intensive participant who wishes to remain anonymous.

Since 1984, Bennett Books Publishing has: reissued new editions of twenty of J.G. Bennett’s out-of-print titles; has published one previously unpublished manuscript, Making a Soul; and one book by Allen Roth, an indepth memoire of his year at J.G. and Elizabeth Bennett’s Sherborne Academy for Continuous Education, Sherborne, Gloustershire, England: Sherborne: An Experiment in Transformation.

At Present

Eleven titles of Bennett Books’ overstock are for sale by the case only.

The Future

“The earth has music for those who listen.”
“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
— George Santayana

Be well,
James Tomarelli