Making a Soul


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Rare out-of-print Bennett Books edition. New.

Trade Paperback • Second Printing: 1997 • 128 pages
Bennett presents an extraordinary assimilation of the rich, complex system of ideas deliberately made obscure by the enigmatic Gurdjieff. Until now, these lectures have remained unpublished and unavailable to the public.

J.G. Bennett was in touch with Gurdjieff over a period of 30 years, and, for over 50 years, was one of those principally engaged in disseminating his ideas. This Bennett Books First Edition has been compiled from previously unpublished material: a series of six public lectures given by Bennett in London, England, March 8 through April 12, 1954, under the title of Man’s Task and His Reward: A New Conception of Human Destiny Based on the Teaching of G. Gurdjieff.

The passage of time has only increased its value. The last chapter is Bennett’s extraordinary understanding of the different kinds of “death” a human being can undergo.

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